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Pinball Buyer’s Guide for First-timers

With the recent resurgence of Pinball in video game consoles and smartphones, surely it suggests that the game is gaining wide traction in the gaming community. While these games are fun to play, nothing beats the original tactile--the physical Pinball machine. You can find them at your favourite pub or bar, but did you know [...]

Top 10 Toys Inducted by the National Toy Hall of Fame

If Hollywood Stars have the walk of fame, kid’s toys do also have an award giving body to recognise the best, the classic and the phenomenal. The Strong National Museum of play yearly inducts toys for its National Toy Hall of Fame. It started in 1998 when they inducted toys like Barbie, Monopoly and Crayons, [...]

Pinball Machine Commemorates the Life and Works of Bill Paxton

Actor and Director Bill Paxton died on February 25 at age 61 from a complication following a delicate heart surgery. While there could be a number of tributes for him, the 2010 pinball machine could be one that's incredibly unique. The Bill Paxton Pinball was created from scratch by Benjamin Heckendorn. It features some of [...]

New Art Exhibit Dedicated to Chicago Pop Culture Let’s You Play Pinball

A new exhibit at the the Elmhurst Art Museum that runs through May 7, features works during the height of Chicago Art that were inspired by the popularity of the pinball machine. The exhibit pays tribute to the era in Chicago when, “at the height of the game’s popularity, Chicago's pinball scene helped inspire a [...]

Anatomy of a Pinball Machine: Pinball Parts and Terminologies to Know

Have you heard of flippers, bumpers, bash toy and plunger? If yes, you probably have met a pinball player or read something about this game. These are parts of the pinball machine. Everyone who’s familiar with the game knows these terms like the back of their hands. Pinball as a classic game is unique and [...]

The Newest Star Wars Pinball Franchise, Rogue One has been Released

The 14th Star Wars Pinball in Zen’s lineup featuring Rogue One was released last January 31 and are now available in PC and consoles including Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows. It was also made available on mobile devices, after two days of being released. The Star Wars Rogue One follows the most recent Star [...]

Dialed In! Pinball Machine: What You Need to Know about this Masterpiece

The recent years of Pinball making abounds with adaptations of popular TV shows, blockbuster films and big hit rock bands. Practically, because it is much easier to sell the machine with a readily available market of fans. However in the 80’s and 90’s during the years of legendary Pinball Machines, the game design doesn’t have [...]

A Love for Pinball Brought Forth a Museum in Florida

A couple in Fernandina Beach, Florida are opening a Pinball Museum out of their love for the machines. The museum opened in October 2016 with more than a dozen collection which some dates back to more than half a century. Mr. Trickett with his wife started with only a handful of machines back in the [...]