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A 24 Year-Old Software Engineer is the New World Pinball Champion


A 24-year old software engineer won the 14th Annual International Flipper Pinball Association's World Pinball Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark. Raymond Davidson, from Mukilteo, Washington beat 20 of the world’s greatest pinball wizard earlier this month to become the new world pinball champion. The players in the event were invited based on their points from world [...]

A Customised 2-Player Pinball Machine You can DIY at Home


Pinball used to be a one-player game and the best you could get is a multi-ball machine in which you could play two or three balls at a time. But an artist upgraded pinball into a two-player game. Cristiana Felgueiras from Get Hands Dirty signed up for the Inventables challenges and made this awesome two-player [...]

7 Best Vintage Pinball Machines Before 1970s


While the 1970s era is often considered as the golden era of Pinball, with its notoriety reaching the zenith, there are a number of pinball machines before this decade that are noteworthy. The pre-70s pinballs are the machines that served as the guinea pigs for the many features that we now enjoy in our modern [...]

Stern Pinball to Release Star Wars: A New Hope Pinball Machine


This year’s the 40th anniversary of the most successful sci-fi franchise in Hollywood, Star Wars. In celebration of their Ruby Anniversary, Stern Pinball has announced that it is developing a new Star Wars pinball machine. The new pinball machine franchises the Star Wars: New Hope, which follows the most recent franchise by Williams, the Star [...]

How Playing Pinball Helped this Guy Live with Autism


In a recent feature in BBC Magazine, a Canadian pinball player said that autism has helped him become a Pinball Champion. Robert Gagno is a Canadian born winner of 2016’s Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) World Pinball Championship in Pennsylvania. Now aged 27, his mother first suspected that he has  autism when he was [...]

8 Incredible World Records and Firsts in Pinball Game History


The world records abound with a whole lot of outrageous and unbelievable feats from shocking human body features to incredible achievements in sports and amusement. And yes, even in Pinball history there are many world records set by avid players and fans. Take a peek of the amazing feats that went down in pinball game [...]

Ghostbusters is Stern Pinball Arcade’s Next Table!


In the latest newsletter of Stern Pinball, they announced the much-awaited home release of Ghostbusters Pinball game. The licensed pinball game will be hitting the game stores as it is already in its “final stages of development.” Robert Workman of WWG forecasts that the game will be released during the summer and figure the price [...]

Today’s Pinball World Champion is as Young as 13 Years Old


The PAPA 20 World Pinball Championship 20 saw a world record this April when a 13 year-old from Colorado became the youngest Pinball World Champion in history. Meet Escher Lefkoff, the 13 year-old pinball prodigy who won the Division A of Professional & Amateur Pinball Association’s world championship. Escher Lefkoff: The 13 Year-Old Pinball Champ [...]

7 Best Pinball Game Apps for Android and iOS


In this age of mobile apps, you can certainly experience the thrill and excitement of playing Pinball game from your smartphone which only Pinball machines can offer before. While there is a resurgence of interest in this classic arcade game and many pubs are installing both new & classic pinball machines, now you can certainly [...]