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Pinball Sales Australia is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is the exclusive Jersey Jack Pinball Machine distributor and importer from the USA to Australia. Jersey Jack machines are made in New Jersey USA and are world leaders in quality and design, ensuring you maximum fun and unparalleled gameplay! We have the most sought-after Pinball Machines and you will be pleased to find standard and limited editions in our selection.

Pinball Machines for Sale Australia Wide!

We deliver Australia wide including all capital cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin.

 We stock Dialled In, The Wizard of Oz and the Hobbit Pinball Machines, in different models and configurations, and are ready to deliver in Australia!

Overview Of Pinball Machines From Pinball Sales Australia

If you are living in Australia, and you are a fan of pinball, you are probably on the lookout for unique sources for pin ball machines. Whether you are a fan of playing them, or if you are actively looking for a pinball machine for sale, there are many companies that have these available. Finding reputable companies that offer pinball machines for sale is sometimes hard to do. They may have a limited amount of stock, and the ones that they do have available may not be of the best quality. As you are searching for pinball machines for sale Australia on the web, you will likely find a business called Pinball Sales Australia. The following information will present the many different products that this reputable business will ship all throughout Australia.

Your Search For Quality Pinball Machines Is Over

People that enjoy playing the game of pinball will often look for pinball machines they can buy. They may have searched for pinball machines for sale Melbourne, or even pinball machines for sale Brisbane. Anyone that is an avid enthusiast or collector of pinball machines will recognize quality when they see it. This is not just in the way that the machines are crafted, but in how the games are played. In your search for a pinball machine for sale Melbourne, you may have found several stores that had a few available, but they may not have been to your liking. If you are a collector, you will only want to spend your money on a pinball machine Australia that is designed with quality. Whether you have searched for pinball machines Melbourne, or you have looked in most major cities throughout Australia, you will not find pinball machines like those available from Pinball Sales Australia.

The Best Pinball Machine Company In Australia

Finding a quality pinball for sale can be very difficult. You will discover that most businesses in Australia are going to offer high-quality pinball machines. In fact, as you search for a pinball machine for sale Australia on the web, you will likely find many mediocre businesses that are overcharging for what they claim to be collector’s items. That is not what you will find with Pinball Sales Australia, a company that is based out of Melbourne Victoria.

What Type Of Pinball Machines Do They Have?

When you visit their website, you are going to see a multitude of different pinball machines that you may need to have. They have quite a few pinballs for sale including The Hobbit, The Wizard of Oz, and Dialed In collectors additions. The Hobbit collection will include the Black Arrow Special Edition. This pinball machine is in reference to the arrow that kills the evil dragon Smaug, a theme that can be seen throughout the entire layout. They also have the standard Hobbit pinball machine that is focused on the journey that Frodo Baggins is on. The Wizard of Oz series also has a few pinball machines that are dedicated to representing this iconic movie. The Emerald City pinball machine is not in reference to Seattle Washington, but the magical city where Dorothy finds the wizard behind the curtain. Additionally, they have the 75th-anniversary pinball machine representing the Wizard of Oz, a classic game crafted by Jersey Jack. The pinball machines dedicated to the fantasy film Dialed In come complete with Bluetooth access, camera access, and allow the user to unlock certain capabilities within the game using their smartphone.

Why Are Jersey Jack Pinball Machines So Different?

This company is the sole distributor and importer of what are called Jersey Jack Pinball Machines. These are pinballs that are crafted in the United States, and sent to this location for distribution. Their pinball machines operate on Australian 240 V power fittings. Jersey Jack Pinball is one of the most well-known pinball manufacturers in the world, a company that uses groundbreaking technological designs that will appeal to even the most selective pinball machine enthusiasts. They have a wide variety of pinball machines from those that are very easy to play to ones that are extremely difficult. They utilize LED lighting, LCD screens, and interactive technology. Their pinball machines also incorporate the best sound systems that will help you become totally immersed while you play. If you have been searching for pinball machines for sale Sydney, or pinball machine Melbourne distributors, this is a company that you should contact.

Why You Can Trust The Quality Of Jersey Jack Pinball Machines

A man by the name of Jack Guarnieri, who was a veteran amusement industry individual, realized that it was a good idea to create what he called no compromise pinball machines. These are premium pinball machines, ones that are the result of his 36 years in this industry. His experience in developing amusement centers, and first servicing electromechanical pinball machines, led him to creating these modern pinball machines that they sell today. Encouraged by friends and customers, he started to develop a team of people that also had a passion for pinball. He recruited designer Pat Lawlor, and programmers Keith Johnson and Ted Estes, to be part of his team. To develop his sound, Dave Thiel came on board along with artist John Youssi. Together, they were able to create what is known as Jersey Jack pinball machines.

If you have been searching for a pinball machine for sale Sydney, or pinball machines for sale Perth, you need look no further than Pinball Sales Australia. They have fantastic pinball machines that are state-of-the-art, leaving no room for compromise. If you are an avid collector, or someone that just likes to play, you can’t go wrong with these unique and innovative designs. If your search for pinball machines Brisbane has not worked out, or if you have been searching for pinball machine Perth distributors, you may never find machines as comprehensive as those provided by Jersey Jack. They are the top pinball machines Australia distributor, providing machines that will give you an unforgettable experience, at prices that you can afford.

Sole Australian Distributor

Pinball Sales Australia partners with Jersey Jack to make the best pinball machines available in Australia. We are the Exclusive Distribution Partner of Jersey Jack Pinball Machines so Buy with Confidence!

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We can confirm with you at time of purchase that your Pinball Machine is in stock, and will be freighted to your door! We have the most sought after pinball machines for sale ranging from standard pinball machines to limited editions that you’d want to include in your collection.

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Your new Collectible Pinball Machine is a valuable and unique piece of greatness, and we provide tracked and insured delivery.

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Pinball Sales Australia is the Sole Importer and Distributor of Jersey Jack Pinball Machines from the USA to Australia. 

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