[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 9 Weirdest Pinball Machine Designs


Over the years, pinball machines have been greatly innovated and tweaked to heighten the excitement to the classic gaming fun. Hence, the history’s most mechanical video game console is not closing its doors for evolution. Changes have varied depending on how the creator wanted to hype up the game: doubling the number of flippers, putting [...]

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Pinball Machines in Video Gaming and Virtual Reality


Pinball Machines have been widely used and popularized in the world of arcade games. During the early years, it was just steel balls, flippers, holes, and glass cabinet. It caught the heart of many by its art, music, physics, and the use of strategy in its gameplay. However, as the generation evolves, innovation is always [...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 25 Pinball Machines Ever Made


Pinball is one of the old classics in gaming history. Almost everyone knows how to play pinball and have probably enjoyed a pinball game at some point of our childhood. We’ll never forget the fun when the steel ball bounces off every complex corner of the machine and lights them up. When the steel ball [...]

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Modernizing Pinball Machine


Can you imagine getting the best of both worlds? State of Play, a game developer, has recently released a game app, INKS, that resonates both the traditional and modern-day gaming. INKS is a brainchild of pinball enthusiasts with the intent of creating a convenient alternative to play the time-honored arcade game. The app enables its [...]

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