Pinball Experience in Virtual Reality


The Stern Pinball experience is finally available for PS4 and Xbox ONE! In November, Oculus and FarSight Studios released the virtual reality version of Stern Pinball The VR pinball promises to give a realistic experience of popular Stern Pinball to gamers. The game includes limited editions of AC/DC and Star Trek. And in the months [...]

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10 Cheapest Pinball Machines for Sale


Pinball still remains one of the best pastime of the 21st century. No doubt because, there are innumerable Pinball machines of all sizes, themes and levels of difficulty that could fit every individual preference. As brand new pinball machines can cost you thousands of dollars, in this list we gathered ten of the best Pinball [...]

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Bethesda Pinball Tables are Out Really Soon!


Bethesda just released the news that it is partnering with Zen Studios for Bethesda Pinball. Zen Studios is popularly known as the developer behind pinball tables such as Star Wars and the Walking Dead. They are going to turn gamer’s favorites--Fallout, Doom and Elder Scrolls into Pinball tables. The Fallout table lets you explore a [...]

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